How to prepare current affairs for RBI Assistant Mains Exam

Today we are going to discuss how one can improve his/her current affairs section for RBI Assistant Exam. In RBI Assistant Mains Exam, the General Awareness section comprises of 40 questions of 40 marks with 25 minutes available to solve them. In general awareness section one can easily attempt all the questions that too with near perfect accuracy because either you know the right answer or you don’t. Thus,there are no chances of guesswork.

The General awareness section includes both Static as well as Dynamic GK. Static GK as the name suggests remains static i.e. remains unchanged over a long period of time. To master it, one needs to focus on a standard book like lucent or General Awareness capsules available at our website. Static GK can be improved by intense revision. The best thing about static GK is that once you are well-versed with it, then it will be beneficial to you forever for all banking and other exams.

Current affairs or Dynamic General Awareness are the events of political or social importance happening around the world at present. Learning current affairs is like embarking on a journey with no destination. What comes under current affairs today may become a part of static GK tomorrow. Hence assimilating the knowledge of current affairs is relatively difficult than assimilating static GK. Let us discuss various tips and tricks to make it simpler for you.

  1. Know your syllabus: Considering the previous year papers of RBI Assistant Mains Exam we can safely assume that current affairs section will be a mixture of banking awareness, marketing awareness and general current affairs like, MOUs, sports and awards, Books and Authors, Economy of the country, GST related topics, inflation etc. Covering topics in news from at least six months prior to the exam is recommended. You may exclude the events occurred in the last 15 days and devote this time to revise what has already been learnt.
  2. Newspapers: When it comes to preparing current affairs, there is absolutely nothing that can match the efficiency and usefulness of newspapers. A newspaper helps us in multiple ways. It keeps us abreast with what’s going on around the world, thereby keeping us updated. It improves our reading skills and also our ability to grasp the sense of the passages. The editorial section of newspapers work as an excellent tool for improving one’s vocabulary.
    Some precautions must be taken while going through a newspaper. Analyze previous year papers to know what exactly your requirement is. Also always go for a standard newspaper like The Hindu or Thecurr Indian Express. Some people find it hard to grasp the sense and content of their editorials, but don’t lose heart. With time your ability to understand them will increase many-folds. If required use mobile dictionary. A standard national newspaper improves both your current affairs and vocabulary, whereas most regional newspapers rely only on unuseful news to increase their sales. Make a habit of reading the paper and ensure that you do not break the rhythm. Here, consistency is the key to success. It takes minimum 21 days to form a habit. After that it becomes relatively easier.
  3. Magazines and Mobile apps: Magazines and various GK apps provide an alternative to newspapers. They have their advantages over Newspapers. For eg – Mobile apps are regularly updated. You don’t have to forage for the news next morning. You can also save, share, take notes and customize the data as per your needs. Magazines, on the other hand reduce the need to hunt for the important news everyday in early morning newspapers. They provide all the important events of current affairs for a specified period at one place making it easier to imbibe the same. “The hindu monthly review” and “Manorama Yearbook” are recommended magazines. The Magazines are generally recommended for the candidates who have not followed newspaper on a regular basis and are now in dire need of a ready-to-use study material for current affairs. For online studying, you may download the “Gradeup App” which is updated regularly and is a host to myriad bright candidates.
  4. Make Flashcards: RBI assistant 2017 mains exam is pretty close. To ensure proper revision of whatever you have learnt, make flashcards. These small pieces of information are excellent tools for quick revision at the eleventh hour. Also, studies show that we remember things better when we have hand-written them at least once.
  5. Revision: Proper revision of whatever you have learnt is of utmost importance. If required, then you may abandon your schedule of reading newspapers and acquiring more current affairs information about 10-12 days prior to the exam. Devote this time to thoroughly revise whatever you have already learnt or else you won’t be able to remember it in examination hall under exam pressure.
  6. Keep an eye open for anything new: Social media can also be an asset if utilized properly. Always keep an eye open for anything relevant and if you require deeper understanding of it, then you may search it via Google. You may join a Facebook or Whatsapp group for current affairs for RBI Assistant. When we discuss something with like-minded persons, then the brain’s ability to retain that information increases many-folds. But caution must be taken because it doesn’t take long for some candidates to lose their focus and then they might want the same for you. Remember a few months of study may decide your entire career. Don’t let your dreams slip off your hands.

Many candidates lose their focus mid-way. Getting a good command of Current Affairs requires patience and perseverance. It’s a never ending process. Many candidates give up after a few days. But they don’t know that they are not giving up on current affairs rather they are giving up on their desire to see themselves working for such a prestigious organization like RBI. Og Mandino, the author of American Bestseller “The Greatest Salesman in the World” said “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” Remember two candidates living together may study the same books, devote equal hours, plan their strategies similar to each other but the one who will succeed will be the one who won’t give up till the end.

All the best for your exams,

Team gradeup!