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131 Simplification Questions with Solutions Bank PO Clerk PDF

Simplification Questions with Solutions Bank PO Clerk PDF - Hello Friends, Simplification Questions of Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most important section of every competitive exam. Here we are sharing Shortcuts & Tricks of Simplification Chapter of quantitative Aptitude for bank clerk exam pdf, which is useful for solving average questions in all competitive exams.

In this post we are sharing simplification questions with solutions bank po clerk pdf and Approximation Questions in PDF IBPS Clerk PO Download which will benefit you to solve Simplification related questions in IBPS PO Clerk Prelims and Mains, SSC CGL CHSL, CAT, MAT, UPSC & SBI examinations.

As you know that Simplification and Approximation Questions PDF and Answers covers 25-33% of Numerical ability Section or you can say 5-10 questions specially in bank clerk exams like ibps clerk prelims and mains. So one should know how to attempt these questions to score more in their exam. Try to Solve these following Simplification Questions Answers PDF Download.

Simplification and Approximation is one of the easy sections of one day competitive Examinations. It is an extension of Mathematical skill and accuracy. Simplification and Approximation is completly based on Bodmas.

How to solve Simplification and Approximation Tips Shortcut and Tricks
  • Simplification and Approximation is completely based on Maths Bodmas. Follow the order of BODMAS and you may easily solve your questions.
  • BODMAS is a useful acronym that lets you know which order to solve mathematical problems (or sums). It's important that you follow the rules of BODMAS as without it your answers can be wrong.
The BODMAS acronym is for:
  1. Brackets (parts of a calculation inside brackets always come first).
  2. Orders (numbers involving powers or square roots).
  3. Division.
  4. Multiplication.
  5. Addition.
  6. Subtraction.