English Error Correction Exercises With Answers Set 5

Advanced 467 Reasoning Puzzles Book SBI PO 2018
English error correction exercises answers - English error correction exercises answers plays a very important role in English language and they are equally important for competitive exam aspirants of many like IBPS Clerk  MAINS Prelims 2017.

Try to solve English error correction exercises answers, important for Competitive Exams like IBPS Clerk PO, SSC, RRB, CAT, MAT, LIC AAO, GIC AO, UIIC AO, NICL AO, NIACL Assitant, SBI PO 2017 exam. We are going to share some New Pattern English error correction exercises questions with solution. English error correction exercises answers is very important for SBI PO and IBPS PO Clerk. 

You may see 5 - 10 Questions on English error correction exercises answers in IBPS Clerk Examinations under English Section and in different competitive exams. However, most candidates don’t feel all that confident while attempting these questions. The reason behind it is clearly a major lack of understanding of English grammar. So try to Practice this English error correction exercises answers.

English Error Correction Exercises Answers

1. In my opinion (A)/ the balance sheet exhibits (B)/ a true and fair (C)/ view of the state of affairs of the bank (D). No error (E)

1. (E) The sentence is correct.

2. Everyman, woman and child (A)/ is now aware (B)/ of the terrible consequences of (C)/ habit of smoking (D). No error (E)

2. (D) Put ‘the’ before ‘habit’ since ‘habit’ here has been particularized, the habit of smoking.

3. The crowd at the stadium (A)/ clapped jubilantly (B)/ when the champion (C)/ received his trophy (D). No error (E)

3. (E) The sentence is correct.

4. Our state will (A)/ not be divided (B)/ into two parts (C)/ at any cost (D). No error (E)

4. (E) The sentence is correct.

5. This is one of (A)/ the most interesting book (B)/ I have (C)/ ever read (D). No error (E)

5. (B) Change ‘book’ to ‘books’.

6. Everyone knows (A)/ that the leopard is (B)/ faster (C)/ of all animals (D). No error (E)

6. (D) Change ‘of all animals’ to ‘than all other animals’ or ‘than any other animal’. In a comparative degree ‘than’ is used. Also, the term of comparison must exclude the things compared by the use of ‘other’.

7. Each cigarette (A)/ a person smokes (B)/ does some harm and eventually (C)/ it may cause a serious disease (D). No error (E)

7. (E) The sentence is correct.

8. A first step (A)/ in a rational solution (B)/ to any problem (C)/ is the recognition that a problem exists (D). No error (E)

8. (A) Substitue ‘A’ by ‘The’ before ‘first step’. Faulty expressions like the ‘two first’, ‘my all’ etc. should be rectified as ‘the first two’ and ‘all my’.

9. One of my good friend (A)/ is both an artist (B)/ and physician (C)/ of repute (D). No error (E)

9. (A) Change friend’ to ‘friends’.

10. Pappu was happy (A)/ that (B)/ Jyoti and his sister was going (C)/ by the same train the next day (D). No error (E)

10. (C) Change ‘was’ to ‘were’ since the subject is plural i.e., Jyoti and his sister.