Coding Decoding Problems Solutions for IBPS Clerk Set 13

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Coding Decoding Problems IBPS Clerk - Today, we are going to share quiz on "Coding-Decoding in Questions Answers mode". Coding Decoding topic which is one of the most important topics of reasoning in competitive exams.
New Pattern Tough Coding Decoding questions tricks are very common and frequently asked in major exams like IBPS PO Clerk, SBI PO Clerk, SSC 10+2, SSC CGL, MAT, Cat etc. In exams, several types of questions can be asked on Coding-Decoding. Each type of questions has its own coding pattern. The coding pattern may be based on individual alphabet/words and digits/numbers.

Bank4Study has uploaded the coding decoding problems ibps clerk shortcut methods, Tricks & Rules and Questions with Answers here. Candidates can check and go through it. Coding decoding problems tips are very useful to those who are preparing for the attending the bank exam IBPS, SBI, LIC AAO, UPSC, IAS, CAT, XAT, MAT, SSC, GATE, and other competitive exams. We have also published the Solved examples for the coding and decoding aptitude.
The code of a particular letter could be following or preceding letter, the letters of a meaningful word can be jumbled to generate code and so on. In order to have a clear insight into the questions on Coding-Decoding problems with solutions, it is better to discuss each type of questions separately.

Coding Decoding Problems IBPS Clerk

1. According to english alphabet as BC is related to YX in the same way EF is related to whom ?
(A) UV
(B) VU
(C) WV
(D) VW
(E) None of these

1. (B) In reverse direction B Y = C X Similarly, E F = V U

2. According to english alphabet as DFE is related to WUV in the same way FGH is related to whom ?
(E) None of these

2. (E) In reverse direction D F E = W U V Similarly, F G H = U T S

3. If CEG is written as TSR and FHJ is written as QPO than IKM is written as—
(E) None of these

3. (D)

4. In a code BOY is written as $✩• and HOUR is written as @✩£O than RUBY is written in the indicating language as—
(A) O£$•
(B) O$£•
(C) •$£O
(D) •£$O
(E) None of these

4. (A) On comparing both the words— B = $, O = ✩, Y = •, H = @, U = £ and R = 0 RUBY= 0£$•

5. In a code QUEUE is written as Q22 and CHURCH as 1UR1 than BANANA is written as a suitable code from the following
(A) B5A5
(B) 5N5A
(C) B55A
(D) BA5A5A
(E) B5A5A

5. (C) Similar pairs of letters have been given the same numeric in each word. As a result pair UE in word QUEUE has been coded 2, pair CH has been coded 1 and likewise the pair AN has been coded 5. Hence, the word BANANA would be coded as B55A.

6. In a code BOXER word is written as AQWGQ then VISIT is written as—
(E) None of these

6. (B) Letters at the odd places have been written one letter back, and letters at the even places have been written two letters ahead in the coded word as their positions in the alphabet.

7. In a code PERFECT is written as RGTHGEV than BROWN is written as—
(E) None of these

7. (D)

8. In a code if X is denoted by 7, P by 9, Z by 6, M by 5, L by 3, D by 2 than PLPXMZ is denoted in the code by—
(A) 932756
(B) 923756
(C) 952736
(D) 937526
(E) None of these

8. (A)

9. In a code PROVIDE is denoted from OSNWHED than MORNING is denoted in the same code as—
(E) None of these

9. (A)

10. If in a code CORPUS is written as EMTNWQ than TODDER is the same code is denoted by—
(E) None of these

10. (D)

11. In a code INTERVIEWING is denoted by ERVINGINTIEW then ENCLOSURESE in the same code is denoted by—
(E) None of these

11. (E)

12. In a code A is denoted by B, B by C, C by D and so on till V then FRACTIONS is denoted in the same code by—
(E) None of these

12. (A)[/su_spoiler]