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High Level Puzzle SBI IBPS PO Pre Mains 2017Dear Friends, Try to solve these circular seating arrangement questions Bank PO for SBI and IBPS Prelims and Mains and other competitive exams. We are going to share some toughest Logic Reasoning Puzzle questions with solution.

Lateral thinking Puzzle circular seating arrangement facing outside and inside questions are one of the most popular Topics in almost all competitive examinations such as SBI PO, SBI PO 2017, NICL, RRB, LIC, SSC CGL 2017, Indian MBA entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, and SNAP have direct questions or questions based on similar logics in written test. Besides MBA exams, competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, Bank PO, SSC & other government exams include puzzle questions.

These puzzle quiz questions and answers on Linear Seating Arrangement will help the candidates in going through the Puzzles level of difficulty of SBI Clerk 2017 and IBPS PO Clerk 7 VII, SSC, UPSC, CAT and other Competitive Exams 2017 - 2018.

Circular Seating Arrangement Questions Bank PO

Direction (Ques 1 - 5) - Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
    • There are eight persons namely Pihu, Qat, Ram, Sagun, Tanu, Urvashi, Vani and Wazir born in the same month of different years viz, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1992, 1995, 2000, 2001 and 2002 and all are sitting in a row facing north, but not necessarily in the same order. The age was considered as on the same month of 2017.
    • Wazir was born on a leap year and sits at any of the extreme end. Wazir is 5 yrs younger than Sagun, who sits second to the right of Qat. 
    • Vani born in an even numbered year but not in 1990 and is an immediate neighbour of Wazir.
    • Vani is 12 years younger than Qat, who is 5 years younger than Urvashi. There is three person sits between Vani and Ram, who is 3 years older than Qat, who is not to the right of Tanu. 
    • There are as many persons between Vani and Tanu is same as Tanu and Ram. There are two persons between Urvashi and Ram.
    1) Which of the following sits third to the right of Tanu?
    a) The one who born on 1992
    b) The one whose age is 23
    c) The one who born on 2002
    d) The one who born on 2000
    e) None of these

    2) If Tanu born on 1992, then who born on 2001?
    a) W
    b) T
    c) P
    d) Cannot be determined
    e) None of these

    3) If Qat and Vani interchange their place, then who sits second to the left of Vani?
    a) The one who born on 1992
    b) The one who born on 2002
    c) The one who born on 2001
    d) There is no such person
    e) Cannot be determined

    4) Four of the following five are in a certain way, find the one which does not follow?
    a) Wazir - 1985
    b) Urvashi - 1995
    c) Sagun - Qat
    d) Ram - Pihu
    e) Vani - 1995

    5) How many persons are sit between the one who is born on 1990 and the one who is born on 1985?
    a) One
    b) Two
    c) Three
    d) Four
    e) Five

    Directions (6 – 10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions.
    • There are eight students – Mani, Nitesh, Om, Puja, Queen, Rahul, Sonia and Tina – who like different subjects viz- Hindi, English, Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Sanskrit but not necessarily in the same order. 
    • They all are living in the eight-storey building in which the ground floor is numbered one and the topmost floor is numbered eight. 
    • Tina lives on odd number floor and also immediately below the one who likes Sanskrit subject. Tina lives neither on the first nor on the third floor. There is only one person sits between the Sonia, who likes Math subject and the one who likes Sanskrit subject. 
    • Sonia lives on the even numbered floor. There are three students live between Sonia and Rahul, who likes Biology Subject. 
    • Om lives immediately below Puja. The one who likes Chemistry lives immediately below the one who likes Biology. There are three students live between the one who likes Chemistry and the Queen, who likes Physics subject. 
    • Queen does not live on the even numbered floor. Mani does not like Sanskrit or Chemistry. Nitesh likes English and lives on the even numbered floor. Tina does not like Hindi subject.
    6. Tina likes which of the following subject?
    a) Science
    b) Math
    c) Chemistry
    d) Biology
    e) Physics

    7. Who among following likes Hindi subject?
    a) Sonia
    b) Nitesh
    c) Mani
    d) Om
    e) Puja

    8. Om lives on which of the following floor?
    a) Seventh
    b) Sixth
    c) Fifth
    d) Four
    e) None of these

    9. Who among following sits exactly between Tina and Queen?
    a) Puja - Chemistry
    b) Om - Sanskrit
    c) Sonia - Math
    d) Mani - Hindi
    e) None of these

    10. If Rahul is related to Science and Tina is related to English, in the same way, Om is related to?
    a) Chemistry
    b) Math
    c) Hindi
    d) Physics
    e) None of these

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    Ans (1 - 5)

    Puzzle Reasoning for Bank PO

    1. (d)   2. (c)   3. (d)   4. (e)   5. (c)

    Ans (6 - 10)


    6. (a)   7. (c)   8. (b)   9. (c)   10. (d)