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High Level Puzzle IBPS PO Pre Mains 2017

Dear Friends, Try to solve these Hard Logic Reasoning Circular Seating Arrangement Puzzles Questions for SBI and IBPS PO Prelims and Mains and other competitive exams. We are going to share some toughest Logic Reasoning Puzzle questions with solution.

Lateral thinking Puzzle circular seating arrangement facing outside and inside questions are one of the most popular Topics in almost all competitive examinations such as SBI PO, SBI PO 2017, NICL, RRB, LIC, SSC CGL 2017, Indian MBA entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, and SNAP have direct questions or questions based on similar logics in written test. Besides MBA exams, competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, Bank PO, SSC & other government exams include puzzle questions.

These Lateral Thinking Puzzle questions on Linear Seating Arrangement will help the candidates in going through the Puzzles level of difficulty of SBI Clerk 2017 and IBPS PO Clerk 7 VII, SSC, UPSC, CAT and other Competitive Exams 2017 - 2018.

High Level Puzzle SBI IBPS PO - Difficult Level

Direction (Ques 1 - 5) - Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
  • There are 7 people Aman, Baman, Canon, Deepak, Elenta, Fateh and Ganesh who play a game, each one throws a dice with numbers 1 - 6, then picks a card and then performs a particular activity. A number on the dice is repeated only once. And each activity is performed by not more than 2 people. 
  • There are 4 activities that is singing, dancing, acting and mimicry. All four cards color i.e. Hearts, Spade, Clubs and Diamond are picked by the people and not more than 2 people picked the same color card.
  • Fateh gets a 5 and performs same activity as that of Aman. Deepak gets a number between Baman and Aman. Aman gets a number less than Ganesh. Ganesh performs acting and gets the same number on dice as that of Canon. 
  • The one who gets 3 does not get a spade. The one who gets the lowest number performs dancing. Aman either performs singing or dancing. Elenta gets a 6 on the dice and opens a card of hearts and performs dancing. 
  • The one who gets a club does not perform singing. Only one of the persons who sing gets a spade. Those who gets club, gets the lowest two numbers. Baman and Deepak gets the same card. 
  • The one who gets a diamond card performs mimicry and is the only one to get this card and perform this activity 
1) Who among the following gets a spade card? 
1. Aman
2. Fateh
3. Canon
4. Baman 
5. Either Aman or Fateh 

2) Which of the following activities is performed by the one who gets a 2 on the dice? 
1. Singing 
2. Dancing 
3. Acting 
4. Mimicry 
5. Either (a) or (b) 

3) Who among the following does mimicry? 
1. Canon 
2. The one who gets 3 
3. Fateh 
4. Deepak 
5. Cannot be determined 

4) Which of the following statements is true? 
1. Aman gets 3 and does dancing 
2. Deepak gets 2 and a club card 
3. Ganesh doesn’t get a spade 
4. Ganesh and Deepak get the same number 
5. B gets the second minimum number on the dice 

5) Who among the following gets a Club card? 
1. Deepak 
2. Baman 
3. Canon & Aman 
4. Aman 
5. Baman & Deepak

Direction (Ques 6 - 10) - Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
  • Eight people via, K, L, M, N, E, F, G and H are sitting in a straight line. They are all facing north. 
  • Each one of them has a different age i.e. 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25 and 30 year, but not necessarily in the same order.
  • L sits at one of the extreme end of the row. There are three persons sitting between M and F. 
  • F is neither 13 nor 18 yr old. There are two persons sitting between N and the person whose age is 22 yr. 
  • Neither F nor N is the oldest person. Age difference of immediate neighbours of N is 5 yr. K sits right to the G, but not immediate right. 
  • There are three Persons sitting between L and the one whose age is 15 yrs. The one whose age is 18 yr sits third to the right   of
  • M. G sits to the right of L. F sits second to the right of the person whose age is 22 yr. E sits immediate left of the person whose age is 13 yr. F is not youngest person. 
  • The one, whose age is 30 yr in not immediate neighbour of the youngest person, M is not the fourth oldest person.
6) Who sits second to the right of N?
1. K
2. H
3. E
4. G
5. None of these

7) How many person sits between the person whose age is 30 yr and H?
1. Four
2. Five
3. Three
4. One
5. None of these

8) Who among the following person is 25 yr old?
1. G
2. N
3. M
4. H
5. None of these

9) If E is related to 15 yr in the same way as L is related to 25 yr, then which of the following is G related to, following the same pattern?
1. 20yr
2. 16yr
3. 22yr
4. 30yr
5. None of these

10) What is the age difference of E’s immediate neighbours?
1. Thirteen
2. Seventeen
3. Fifteen
4. Sixteen
5. None of these

High Level Reasoning Puzzles Solutions for SBI PO Mains

Ans (1 - 5)

Dice No

1. (b)   
2. (c)   3. (a)   4. (b)   5. (e)

Ans (6 - 10)

30 yrs
20 yrs
13 yrs
25 yrs
15 yrs

22 yrs
18 yrs

16 yrs

6. (d)   7. (a)   8. (c)   9. (b)   10. (b)