Computer Awareness Questions With Answer - Set 18

Advanced 467 Reasoning Puzzles Book SBI PO 2018

Computer Knowledge Test Questions and Answers

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These basic computer quiz questions with answers are very important for SBI PO exam and IBPS PO & other upcoming banking exams.

Following are some computer fundamentals questions and answers multiple choice which is likely to be asked/ already asked in competitive exams. Following basic computer questions will help you securing good marks in upcoming SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO­ VII, IBPS Clerk­ VII, IBPS RRB Exams.

Objective Computer Questions Quiz

151. Everything that computer does is controlled by its:
(a) RAM 
(b) ROM
(c) CPU 
(d) Storage devices
(e) None of these

152. A computer is a box full of electronic:
(a) Switching devices 
(b) Chips
(c) Circuits 
(d) Registers
(e) None of these

153. Where is the disk put in a computer
(a) In the hard drive 
(b) In the disk drive
(c) Into the CPU 
(d) In the modem
(e) None of these

154. Which of the following is not used in the storage phase of a computer–based information system?
(a) Magnetic tape 

(b) Keyboard
(c) Diskette 
(d) Hard disk
(e) None of these

155. The personal–computer industry was started by:
(a) IBM 
(b) Apple
(c) Compaq
(d) HCL
(e) None of these

156. Different components on the motherboard of a PC processor unit are linked together by sets of parallel electrical conducting lines. What are these lines called ?
(a) Conductors 
(b) Buses
(c) Connectors 
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these

157. Which of the following is an example of non–volatile memory?
(a) ROM 
(b) VLSI
(c) LSI 
(d) RAM
(e) None of these

158. In analog computer:
(a) input is first converted to digital form
(b) input is never converted to digital form
(c) output is displayed in digital form
(d) All of the above
159. What is the excess 3 code?
(a) Cyclic complimenting code
(b) Cyclic algebraic code
(c) Self complimenting code
(d) Self algebraic code
(e) None of these

160. Developing sets of instructions for the computer to follow and to do the task the same way as many times as needed is called _______.
(a) listing 
(b) sequencing
(c) programming 
(d) directing
(e) None of these

Computer Quiz Questions With Answer

151. c    152. c    153. c    154. b    155. b    156. b    157. a    158. b    159. c    160. c