New Pattern Cloze Test Quiz - 1

Advanced 467 Reasoning Puzzles Book SBI PO 2018
CLOZE TEST plays a very important part in English language and they are equally important for competitive exam aspirants of many like SBI/IBPS PO MAINS PRE 2017.

Try to solve Cloze Test Questions, important for Competitive Exams like IBPS PO, SSC, RRB, CAT, MAT, LIC AAO, GIC AO, UIIC AO, NICL AO, NIACL Assitant, SBI PO 2017 exam. We are going to share some New Pattern Cloze Test Quiz questions with solution. This English subject quiz based on New Pattern Cloze Test. Cloze Test is very important for SBI PO and IBPS PO Clerk. You may see 10 Questions on Cloze Test under English Section in different competitive exams. So try to solve it.

New Pattern Cloze Test Quiz IBPS PO VII 2017

Que. (1 - 8) : In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. The numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

  • The ongoing transition of the country’s indirect taxes, other than Customs, to a goods and services tax, has so far been relatively 1)……., not dismissing minor glitches. But there are a few more things the government can do to make things even simpler and prevent the kind of political backlash that has accompanied switch over to a similar value-added tax in other countries. The biggest source of 2)…… are small suppliers, who are 3)……. from GST below a threshold. But that will not help them if people who traditionally have been sourcing from them shift to large suppliers who are GST-compliant and upload the returns and invoices the customers need to 4)……. input tax credit. It is in the interest of the smallest supplier to be able to 5)……… a GST-compliant invoice in order not to lose the custom of small producers and service providers, who need those invoices to reduce their own tax burden. These small suppliers need different kinds of help. The series of 6)………… the government has been putting out are a great help. But more can be done on the lines of how the passport office functions under TCS’ outsource regime. A checklist of the needed documents is available to anyone who wants to apply for a passport. The applicant happily 7)……….. all the relevant documents before s/he commences the process. Such a checklist, with details that specify the size of JPEG and PDF documents that the GSTN site would accept, and instructions on getting a digital signature would help. But the biggest help would-be GST registrants need is in the realm of communications.India’s is the first value-added tax regime that rides on an information technology and communications backbone from the word go. This is great. But that communication 8)……. must work all the time and everywhere. One necessary step would be to redefine broadband as a data connection that has a minimum speed of 2Mb per second, instead of the outdated norm of 512 Kbps. Another would be to let Ka band transponders of satellites be available for data connectivity where the cable will take the time to reach.
Which of the options appropriately fits blank labels of the Cloze Test:

Q 1.
a) harsh 
b) smooth 
c) difficult 
d) tough

a) problem 
b) inspiration 
c) worry 
d) income

Q 3.
a) exempt 
b) included 
c) excluded
d) evaded

Q 4.
a) register 
b) develop 
c) claim 
d) generate

Q 5. 
a) publish 
b) generate 
c) supply 
d) register

Q 6. 
a) advertisement 
b) steps 
c) schemes 
d) initiative

Q 7. 
a) assemble 
b) collect 
c) collate 
d) attach

A) platform 
b) setup 
c) infrastructure 
d) process 
New Pattern Cloze Test Quiz

Answer of Cloze Test Quiz

Q1 - b   Q2 - c   Q3 - a   Q4 - c   Q5 - b   Q6 - a    Q7 - a   Q8 - c.

Let's Learn Some English Vocabulary

  • Meaning - Needing or using a lot of physical or mental effort.
  • Synonyms - vigorous, energetic, enthusiastic, zealous 
  • Antonyms - easy, smooth,
  • Sentence -He will make strenuous effort to make sure he gets the job.
2) Magnanimous
  • Meaning  - generous, charitable benevolent,
  • Antonyms - selfish, mean spirited 
  • Sentence - one should be magnanimous in victory
  • Meaning  - fair, just, based on the principle that all people are same
  • Antonyms - elitist, snobbish, aristocratic
  • Meaning  - theft, misappropriation, stealing, robbing,
  • Antonyms - honesty
  • Sentence - corporate fraud and embezzlement have been familiar topics in the newspaper.
  • Meaning - cause, give rise to, result, create, bring about
  • Antonyms - impede, limit, restrict
  • Sentence - Greed begets mistrust and mistrust destroy the friendship.
  • Meaning - aggreable,harmonious,compatible 
  • Antonyms - discordant, disunited, inharmonious 
  • Sentence - India and Pakistan agreed amicably to resolve all their disputes.
  • Meaning - asleep, sleeping, slumbering
  • Antonyms - awake active
  • Sentence - The relation between India and China is dormant for the time being
  • Meaning - outspoken, vocal loud
  • Antonyms - low, silent, soft
  • Sentence - I am a vociferous opponent of false nationalism
  • Meaning - Full of danger or risk, jeopardy, unhealthy, unstable 
  • Antonyms - safe, stable
  • Sentence - Zimbabwe's economy is in perilous state
  • Meaning - Based on feeling and emotion and not logical
  • Antonyms - logical,rational
  • Sentence - Most Americans have the visceral attraction to Trump.