General Knowledge Banking Awareness Questions - Set 8

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Banking Awareness Questions and Answer SBI IBPS

Banking Awareness Quiz Questions Answers are providing for all banking exams and interviews in 2017 - 2018. These are some important Banking Awareness Questions and Answers providing by our Banking Expert Team is useful for all banking exams and It is specially designed according to the Syllabus of RRB, IBPS/SBI PO, and Clerk VII 2017-2018.

Bank4Study are providing some of the latest General knowledge banking awareness questions. Candidates can check and go through it. Banking Awareness Questions and Answers are very useful to those who are preparing for the attending the bank exam IBPS, SBI, RRB, RBI, LIC AAO, NICL AO, SSC, and other competitive exams. You may download these Banking Awareness Questions and Answers in PDF also Just press Ctrl+P together.

Banking Awareness Questions Answers Set 8

Q 1. What is the upper limit of RTGS transactions in India?
(1) No limit 
(2) Rs. 10 lacs 
(3) Rs. 50 lacs 
(4) Rs.20 lacs 
(5) Rs. 40 lacs

Q 2. Which of the statements given below is/are incorrect?
(A) United Stock Exchange is the fourth country level exchange of India.
(B) It is headquartered at Mumbai.
(C) It will trade in six foreign currency derivatives.
(1) Only Aand B 
(2) Only B and C 
(3) Only Aand C
(4) Only B 
(5) Only C

Q 3. How many times has financial emergency been declared in India so far?
(1) 5 times 
(2) 4 times 
(3) Once 
(4) Never 
(5) None of these

Q 4. Which of the following is/are TRUE about the "Village Gram Bank Scheme"?
(1) The scheme is launched to provide safeguards against Starvation during the period of natural calamities or lean season.
(2) The gram banks are set up in food scare areas like drought prone areas.
(3) Village Panchayats who were running Village Grain Banks earlier are now not authorized to run.
(4) Both (1) and (2)
(5) None of these

Q 5. Which of the following services is NOT provided by the post offices in India?
(1) Savings Bank Scheme 
(2) Retailing of Mutual Funds
(3) Sale of Stamp Papers 
(4) Issuance of Demand Drafts
(5) None of these

Q 6. Pledge means ......... of goods for purpose of securing a payment of debt or performance of promise.
(1) Lien
(2) Bailment
(3) Assignment
(4) Mortgage
(5) None of these

Q 7. A Co operative bank can be which of the following
(1) Primary Co operative bank 
(2) District central Co operative bank 
(3) State Co operative bank 
(4) All the above
(5) None of these

Q 8. How may Debt Recover tribunals have been set up in India?
(1) 27
(2) 28
(1) Rs 1 Lakh
(2) Rs 5 lakh
(3) Rs 20 Lakh
(4) Rs 4 Lakh
(5) No such limit

Q 10. In a Bill, a person entitled to receive payment is called
(1) Drawer
(2) Drawee
(3) Payee
(4) Bailor
(5) None of these

Banking Awareness Answers Set 8

1. 1    2.  5   3. 4    4. 1    5. 3    6. 2    7. 2    8. 3    9. 3    10. 3