English Cloze Test New Pattern Quiz - 5

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CLOZE TEST plays a very important part in English language and they are equally important for competitive exam aspirants of many like SBI/IBPS PO MAINS PRE 2017.

Try to solve Cloze Reading Passages Test Questions, important for Competitive Exams like IBPS PO, SSC, RRB, CAT, MAT, LIC AAO, GIC AO, UIIC AO, NICL AO, NIACL Assitant, SBI PO 2017 exam. We are going to share some New Pattern Cloze Test Quiz questions with solution. This English subject quiz based on New Pattern Cloze Test. Cloze Test is very important for SBI PO and IBPS PO Clerk. You may see 10 Questions on Cloze Test under English Section in different competitive exams. So try to Practice this English cloze test.

New Pattern Cloze Test SBI IBPS PO

Que. (1 - 10) : In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. The numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
  • Four weeks and running, the India-China standoff at Doklam shows no sign of ending. Yes, this one near the borders of India, China and Bhutan seems different and more 1)…….. It is the first time that India has engaged China from a third country — a fact that seems to have shocked some layers of the Chinese establishment. The message from China’s official, quasi-official and non-official sources is the same, the difference being the degree of 2)………..: India is at fault, it must back down, withdraw its troops and let Bhutan and China sort out their boundary dispute. In other words, China should have the freedom to 3)…….. a tiny country. India has maintained a calm but firm stance, kept the temperature low on its side and sent signals it wants to sort the problem with 4)………. The reporting has been sane with none of the hyperbole coming out of various founts of the Chinese media machine. Thankfully, there has been no charge of the Indian TV brigade. Outside experts have weighed in — deconstructing the developments with keen insights. Lapsed ones like 1962 Sino-Indian war scholar Neville Maxwell have also offered their predictable views based on realities frozen in the past. Interestingly Maxwell’s diatribe came without any input from the Chinese. He was floundering for information from sources far from Beijing. The rest was bias r from Beijing. The rest was bias. The reasons for China forcing a boundary dispute front and centre are many. China under President Xi Jinping has 5)……… its wings all around: from the oceans to the Himalayas to test the resolve of targeted countries This also happens to be an ‘election’ year in China — even though the winner of the game of thrones is already known. The 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is expected to anoint Xi for a second term. But he is 6)………. to stay in power beyond the traditional 10 years. At least one prominent rival was put under investigation last week for — what else? —party indiscipline. Xi could be around until 2027 . There was no pressing need for the current 7)………… with India. But it is continuation of adversarial politics by other means. The mythology around the closed Chinese system is so exaggerated that Western experts step gingerly around its constant aggressions, almost afraid to call China out as they do Russia. The Chinese have cleverly managed to play both instigator and victim in the Doklam stand-off. Making a distinction between India and Bhutan, and treating them separately without any cognisance of the India Bhutan Friendship Treaty, profits the Chinese. It allows Beijing to demand that India unilaterally vacate its positions on China’s terms. 
  • The Chinese also chose the time carefully. Their road-building in Doklam came before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with US President Donald Trump, and after his meeting with Xi in Astana on the margins of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit. Earlier, border 8)……., such as the one in Depsang, occurred when Sino-Indian relations were relatively stable — or at least in better shape than they are now. Who bears primary blame for deterioration is a matter of 9)…... After Modi 10)……. tried to establish a personal relationship with Xi and failed, the more innate parts of the BJP’s thinking on China appear to have crept in. This may have partly led India to ‘expose’ China on issues related to Pakistan: India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) and efforts to get Pakistani terrorists on the UN sanctions list.
Which of the options appropriately fits blank labels of the Cloze Test:

a) peril 
c) dangerous 
d) amiable

a) belligerence 
b) pugnacious 
c) aggressive 
d) hostile

a) pressurize 
b) annexed 
c) clinched 
d) coerced

a) war 
b) summit 
c) dialogue 

a) spread 
b) flapped 
c) dithered 
d) pothered

a) manoeuvring 
d) dodged

a) showdown 
b) dispute 
c) confrontation 
d) situation

b) defiance 
c) transgressions 
d) offence

a) consideration
c) speculation 
d) judgement

a) naively 
d) friendly
English Cloze Test New Pattern Quiz

Answer of Cloze Test Quiz

Q1 - b   Q2 - a   Q3 - d   Q4 - c   Q5 - b   Q6 - a    Q7 - c   Q8 - c   Q9 - d   Q10 - a.

Let's Learn Some English Vocabulary

  • Meaning - To delay something, postpone, adjourn, delay
  • Antonyms - decide, act, deal
  • Sent - The result was deferred until next month.
  • Meaning - Shorten, cut short, trim, prune
  • Antonyms - enlarge, extend, expand
  • Sentence - you have to truncate your post as the word limit on twitter is only 140 characters.
  • Meaning - Persuade, wheedle, cajole, appease
  • Antonyms - intimidate, harass, demand
  • Sentence - I was coaxed into attending a boring lecture by my friends.
  • Meaning - Pretend to be affected, fake, sham, bluff
  • Antonyms - real, genuine
  • Sentence - I feign sickness when my friend asks me to play cricket.
  • Meaning - Round of applauds, cheers, clapping
  • Antonyms - criticism, condemn
  • Sentence - Arijit performance ended up with a loud ovation.