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In this post, we are sharing Full General English Language E-Book by RS Aggarwal which will give benefit you in IBPS & SBI examinations of PO & Clerk.

This is the ideal book on general English for all competitive exams like Bank PO, RBI, Railway Recruitment, NDA, CDS, IES, MBA, and Hotel Management exams.

Summary Of Objective General English

The book is categorized into six sections to make the learning process structured and systematic. These are 
  1. Vocabulary Usage
  2. Comprehension Ability
  3. Selecting Words/Phrases
  4. Error Detection 
  5. Rearrangement 
  6. General Usage
1. Vocabulary Usage - The first section deals with the right usage of one’s vocabulary, which is imperative for articulate communication skills as well as proficiency in competitive exams. The chapters covered under this division are 
  1. Synonyms, 
  2. Double Synonyms, 
  3. Antonyms, 
  4. Homonyms, 
  5. Word Substitution, and 
  6. Vocabulary Test.
2. Comprehension Ability - The second part of the guide is all about the ability to comprehend a given text. The most challenging task while assimilating a passage is to grasp the precise meaning, the correct motif, implicit hints, and the tone of the written matter. This section incorporates four chapters - two on comprehension, one on the techniques required to derive conclusions from a passage, and one chapter on the detection of the theme.

3. Selecting Words/Phrases - The third segment of the guide is about selecting the right words and phrases. This division encompasses three chapters on sentence and passage-completion and choosing the correct filler. The perplexing and typical issues associated with sentence structures are well attended to in these chapters.

4. Error Detection - Part four, Error Detection, addresses some of the most prevalent mistakes that people are disposed to make. This section helps people identify these errors, rectify them, and subsequently, avoid them. There are chapters on how to spot and avoid common errors, methods to improve sentences, ways to emend passages, and select the correct sentence.

5. Rearrangement - Writing a well constructed paragraph can be daunting for some, as it needs well accommodated sentences. In the course of five chapters, the fifth section takes readers through the concept of rearrangement of sentences. Chapters in this section deal with the reconstruction of individual sentences, rearrangement of already constructed sentences within a paragraph, reconstruction of paragraphs in a passage, and the formation of words.

6. General Usage - For those who are proficient with the instructions made in the last five sections and desire to make their language more aesthetic, the final section incorporates chapters related to the use of idioms, common phrases, and teaches the opposite use of active and passive voice, conversion of direct speech into indirect speech, transformation and more.