Important Marketing Questions Set 1 for SBI PO 2015 With Answers

Advanced 467 Reasoning Puzzles Book SBI PO 2018
1. Marketing channels means
(A) Delivery time 
(B) Delivery period 
(C) Sales outlets
(D) Purchase outlets 
(E) All of these

2. Value added means
(A) Additional cost 
(B) Additional production
(C) Additional staff
(D) Additional services 
(E) All of these

3. A ‘Target Group’ means
(A) Group of salesmen targeting the customers 
(B) Likely buyers
(C) Group of products 
(D) Group of companies 
(E) All of these

4. ‘USP’ in Marketing means
(A) Useful Sales Procedures 
(B) Useful Selling Propositions
(C) Useful Sales Persons 
(D) Used Sales Plans 
(E) Unique Selling Propositions

5. ‘ATM’ stands for
(A) Anywhere Marketing 
(B) Any Time Marketing 
(C) Any Time Money
(D) Automated Teller Machine 
(E) Automatic Timely Machine

6. Market Plan is a
(A) Selling process 
(B) Year-end-budget 
(C) Calendar
(D) Business document for marketing strategies 
(E) All of these

7. Market segmentation means dividing
(A) The market group into homogeneous groups
(B) The market process into easy steps
(C) The sales teams into small groups 
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

8. ‘HNI’ means
(A) Highly Non-interested Individuals 
(B) Highly Needy Individuals
(C) High Networth Individuals 
(D) Highly Negative Individuals 
(E) None of these

9. Digital Marketing includes. Find the incorrect answer
(A) Web advertisement 
(B) E-mail canvassing 
(C) Blogs
(D) SMS campaigns 
(E) Mobile alerts

10. Cross-selling covers
(A) Identifying customer needs 
(B) Matching the Products to customer needs
(C) Convincing the customers of Product benefits
(D) Responding to questions and objections of customers
(E) All of these

11. A Prospect means
(A) Any customer who walks into the Bank 
(B) An employee of the Bank
(C) A customer who is likely to be interested in Bank’s Product or service
(D) A Depositor of the Bank 
(E) A Borrower of the Bank
Answers: C

12. A Lead means
(A) A Prospect who is more likely to avail of the Bank’s Product 
(B) A Political Leader
(C) A Religious Leader 
(D) A Bank Chairman 
(E) None of these

13. Innovation means
(A) Compensation 
(B) Inspiration 
(C) Additional perquisites
(D) Implementing new ideas or new methods 
(E) None of these

14. A Call means
(A) Calling on friends 
(B) Calling on Bank employees
(C) Calling on Prospective customers 
(D) To make telephone calls
(E) Calling on relatives

15. The Traditional Marketing style involves
(A) Telemarketing 
(B) Digital Marketing 
(C) Indirect Marketing
(D) Direct Marketing 
(E) All of these

16. Modern methods of Marketing include
(A) Publicity on the net 
(B) Advertisement on the net
(C) Soliciting business through e-mails 
(D) Telemarketing
(E) All of these

17. A true marketing mindset requires
(A) Command and order mindset 
(B) Control mindset 
(C) Active mindset
(D) Passive mindset 
(E) None of these

18. Which of the following sentences is True ?
(A) Marketing is not required in a Buyers’ Market
(B) Marketing is not required in a Sellers’ Market
(C) Marketing is not required due to globalization
(D) Marketing is not required due to competition
(E) Marketing is not required due to liberalization

19. For effective marketing, the salesmen should have which of these qualities
(A) Creativity 
(B) Team spirit 
(C) Motivation
(D) Effective communication skills 
(E) All of these

20. Market information means
(A) Knowledge of shops and bazaars 
(B) Knowledge of shopping malls
(C) Knowledge of customer profile and product mix
(D) Knowledge of various languages 
(E) None of these

21. Market Research is needed for
(A) Deciding the market area 
(B) Deciding the right product to be sold
(C) Making proper marketing decisions 
(D) Deciding right time to sell 
(E) All of these

22. Which of the following statements is True ?
(A) Marketing makes the Company to go into loss due to higher expenses
(B) Marketing is not required in profit-making companies
(C) Marketing sharpens the minds of the employees
(D) Marketing is a time-bound seasonal function 
(E) Marketing is a waste of time

23. Marketing Plan helps in
(A) Better lead generation 
(B) Better systems 
(C) Better results
(D) Improved Balance Sheet 
(E) Better customer service

24. If Marketing is done effectively, which of the following is not required
(A) Advertisement 
(B) Publicity 
(C) Market Research
(D) Market Segmentation 
(E) None of these

25. Motivation means
(A) Inspiring employees to perform better 
(B) Better Communication Skills
(C) Sales coaching 
(D) Market Research 
(E) None of these

26. In a Selling Process in today’s world
(A) Only standard products are sold 
(B) No customization required
(C) The Seller need not have product knowledge
(D) The Seller should aim at customer satisfaction 
(E) Only quantum of sales matters

27. Find the True statement
(A) Marketing is a waste of the employees’ time
(B) Marketing is not required in India due to its vast population
(C) Marketing involves additional work 
(D) Marketing involves team work
(E) Marketing is not required today due to IT advancement

28. A Target Market is
(A) Entire country 
(B) Entire city 
(C) Entire globe
(D) That which consists of customers who need the identified product 
(E) All of these

29. Sales forecasting involves
(A) Sales Planning 
(B) Sales pricing 
(C) Distribution Channels
(D) Consumer tastes 
(E) All of these

30. MCX-SX is a 
(A) Commodity bourse 
(B) Pharmaceutical Company
(C) Association of Chartered Accountants 
(D) Financial Analytics Software
(E) Sports Company

31. CRM means ?
1. Customer Retention Manager
2. Customer Relationship Management
3. Customers Relatives Meet
4. Channel Rout Market
5. Channel Representative Manager

32. A 'Target Group' in Marketing means 
1. To whom the sales should be directed
2. A group of sellers
3. A group of buyers
4. A group of Producers
5. All the above

33. In terms of consumer demand and spending behaviour, marketers are most interested in
1. wealth
2. consumer credit
3. disposable income
4. pretax income
5. high incomes

34. Marketing is
1. consumer oriented
2. competitors oriented
3. both 1 and 2
4. neither 1 nor 2
5. none of these

35. Services have special characteristics namely __ which affect their marketing process
1. intangibility
2. inseparability
3. Heterogeneity
4. Perishability
5. All the above

36. A consumer contest is an example of
1. personal selling
2. sales promotion
3. advertising
4. indirect selling
5. public relations

37. Which among the following advertising media has the maximum reach ?
1. TV
2. Radio
3. Outdoor
4. Magazines
5. None of these

38. A company is practicing ___ if it focuses on sub segments with distinctive traits that may seek a special combination of benefits
1. micro marketing
2. niche marketing
3. mass marketing
4. segment marketing
5. none of these

39. When a company reviews sales, costs, and profit projections for a new product to find out whether these factors satisfy the company's objectives, they are in which of the following new process development stages ?
1. Concept development and testing
2. Commercialization
3. Business analysis
4. Marketing strategy development
5. none of these

40. Sales targets are fixed on the basis of___
1. Company Name
2. Time period
3. Brand positionary
4. All the above
5. None of these

41. To raise funds, bonds and securities are invested here 
(A) Consumer market 
(B) Insurance Market 
(C) Capital Market
(D) General Market

42. Marketing channels mean
(A) Delivery objects
(B) Sales targets
(C) Delivery outlets
(D) Delivery boys

43. Social Marketing means
(A) Share market prices
(B) Marketing by the entire society
(C) Internet Marketing
(D) Marketing for a social cause

44.Market Research is needed for
(A) Deciding the market area 
(B) Deciding the right product to be sold
(C) Making proper marketing decisions 
(D) Deciding right time to sell
(E) All of these

45. Which of the following statements is True ?
(A) Marketing makes the Company to go into loss due to higher expenses
(B) Marketing is not required in profit-making companies
(C) Marketing sharpens the minds of the employees
(D) Marketing is a time-bound seasonal function
(E) Marketing is a waste of time

46. Sales forecast implies
(A) an estimate of the maximum possible sales
opportunities present in a particular market segment 
(B) an estimate of sales, in physical units, in a future period
(C) Both (A) and (B) 
(D) Neither (A) nor (B)

47. In advertising for ………… is not allowed on T.V
(A) Liquor 
(B) Cigarettes 
(C) Both (A) and (B) 
(D) Neither (A) nor (B)

48. A theory states that no matter how efficiently goods / services are produced, if they cannot be delivered to the customer in the quickest possible time it is vain. This theory is called
(A) Quickest the best 
(B) Instant service 
(C) Service on time 
(D) Timely effort

49. Entrepreneurs find direct marketing the attractive because of
(A) Investment is low 
(B) It doesn't required specialized skills
(C) Returns are quick 
(D) All of the above

50. Demonstration is an exercise to
(A) attractively pack and display the goods 
(B) prove the characteristic of the product
(C) Both (A) and (B) 
(D) Neither (A) nor (B)