Questions Asked in SBI Associate Clerk Exam 21/02/2015 Morning Shift

Advanced 467 Reasoning Puzzles Book SBI PO 2018
1. Matches Will be held on which Country
2.Zimbabwe President - Robert Mugabe
3.Cricket world cup 2019
4.Ajinke Rahne and Ambati Raidu related to which game?

5.S.Jaishankar is appointed as?
6.Whom did saina nehwal defeated in syed modi grand tournament
7.World food org is in?
8.Recently Who Received Padma vibhushan award
9.Savio cup held in which place?
10.Saina nehwal defeated whom in recently held one??
11.Durga prasad ias cadre officer is the head of??
12.Cheque which is not crossed is called?
13.Malaysian currency
14.Where is food industry headquarters
15.Orapa,largest diamond mine is in which place?
16.Tallest plunge waterfalls in india?
17.Who regulates mutual funds??
18.2019 cricket event is held in?
19.Padma vibhushan awardees??
20.World Social Justice Day
21.Chao lake is in which state of india