IBPS PO 1st November Morning Shift G.A Questions 2014

Advanced 467 Reasoning Puzzles Book SBI PO 2018

1) Capital of Lebanon? - Beirut
2) Currency of Germany? - Euro
3) Line demarcating India and China? - Line of Actual Control
4) PM Narendra Modi recently addressed  the .... session of the UN GeneralAssembly? - 69th
5) RIDF Full form? - Rural infrastructure development fund
6) Wipro founder? - Azim Premji
7) How many countries participated in FIFA World Cup 2014? - 32
8) NRLM full form? - National Rural Livelihoods Mission
9) PIO full form? - Person of Indian Origin
10) Who is the present Minister of Women & Child Development? - Maneka Gandhi
11) Argentina Currency? -Peso
12) 'K' stands in KCC for?- Kisan (Kisan Credit Card)
13) Author of the recently released book 'My years with Rajiv and Sonia'?- R.D. Pradhan
14) "Hum Hai na..." is the tagline of the bank?- ICICI
15) Who is Sanjay Leela Bhansali? - Film Director
16) Number of Gold medals won by India in Asian Games 2014?- 11
17) Full form of NPS?- New Pension Scheme
18) HDFC ERGO related with?- Insurance
19) Who discovered pencilin?- Alexander Fleming
20) Head Office of Prathma bank?- Moradabad